Wellness to a better life and health

Written by Sergejs Marmilovs PhD of Industrial Psychology, M.S.c Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Wellness to a better life and health

Over the years I have seen so many trend sweep across Ireland and the UK, regarding alternative healthcare, alternative lifestyle options the dos and don’ts for mental health.

This is fine and it’s great to see people are awakening to a new way of life. Although it’s all fine and good. People are still missing the full picture of alternative healthcare. We try to complicate things so much that we get lost along the way. Forming a new routine or habit takes time and to master it will take up to 1000 days. But the first 90 days is crucial to forming a new habit or routine. Healthcare is not just the physical aspect, but rather one part of it. Complete healthcare consists of four pillars, crucial to good health.

Physical health, Mental health, Spiritual health and Emotional health. If one on more of the pillars is neglected, the other pillars of your health will be influenced in a negative way. Let’s look at some athletes suffering from depression. They exercise, eat healthy and yet suffer from mental health issues. When you go deep into the counselling, you will discover that the emotional or spiritual health aspect of the segments has been neglected. Causing an imbalance within the nervous system.

 Mental illnesses are nervous system disorders that result in problems with thinking, mood, or relating to other people. … There are several types of mental disorders including schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many others.

Think for just a second…

Your nervous system is connected to every part of your body. Your brain sends signals to all aspects of your body to check if everything is on. However, when the brain or your nervous system is imbalanced, the system gets faulty signals. Your physical body becomes wrestles and stressed. Over a period of time you start forming bad posture, your breath becomes shallow and sometimes erratic. Muscle tissue is tense and before you know it, your overall health gets affecting. Your immune system starts taking a huge beating as its constantly fighting to repair and heal your body.

Your lack of sleep means your body cant rest and repair itself. Your shallow breath means your blood and body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Lack of oxygen means slow healing and more tenseness within the body. Bad posture means you have more strain of the spine and joints. You start Lacking energy.   Old injuries start flaring up and because of bad circulation, lack of oxygen, lack of sleep and a week immune system. You start getting sick faster and you withdraw from who you really are

Here is the sad part...

You go to your GP and get medication. The medication starts getting into your body. However, the side effects are causing a string of other problems within your body. You go back and forth to the GP and your medication intake starts growing. Before you know it you are on 5-14 different tablets a day and everything starts going south for you. You become more withdrawn from life and fall into a pit of despair. Isolation, restriction, pain, discomfort, restlessness and lack of energy levels become your companions.


The cycle never stops and people are all looking for quick fixes. There is no quick fix to healthcare. I am a professional of 39 and I have never touched an antibiotic or pain tablets. I like to believe I am superman. However, I am not. The secret is I have learned about wellness. I incorporate wellness into my life every day. I take time to heal naturally, with the help of alternative natural remedies (medicine), alternative healthcare options, and alternative lifestyle options I have kept the balance in good healthcare.

What is Wellness really ?

Wellness is a complete healthcare solution that cost you nothing. It’s a system that concentrates on physical healthcare, mental healthcare, emotional healthcare and spiritual healthcare. The four pillars of healthcare. I have been teaching people this system for yours with great success. In my counselling session, my therapy sessions, classes, events, workshops I teach and incorporate wellness with mindfulness. I teach people about natural medicines and the power of organic cooking and nutrition. The use of herbs and spices to help your body.

Lets Look at Wellness

Physical healthcare – Move the body. I love Yoga and Thai Chi as they incorporate movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness and calmness into your system

Mental healthcare – Make time for yourself. Meditation helps calm the mind. Relaxes the body and brings stillness within yourself. Breathing techniques help regulate your system and calm the nervous system (which you also learn in Yoga, Thai Chi)

Spiritual healthcare – Get creative and enjoy life. I find that hobbies like painting, drawing, listening to music, doing things you love will help. Chant, speaking to yourself, prayer, walks in nature. Connecting to your higher-self will help with your spirituality and reconnection to yourself and the world around you. Spirituality does not refer to religiouse beliefs.

Emotional Healthcare – Speaking about how you really feel, dance when you feel like it (I crank up music and dance when I want and where ever I am) Learn to be free and do what makes you happy. Cry when you need to and learn to be in the moment of energy help.

Earthing or grounding yourself will also help with every part of your life. This means doing things like walking barefoot on grass, gardening, touching plants, holding onto trees and so forth. As we consist of energies it will help you find stability in many ways. 

There is so many other things you will learn from wellness. Join a wellness class and learn to ebrace a new healtier, happier, stronger and more balanced you.

What is Wellness class good for?

  • Overcome stress and anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Deal better with a stressful and demanding lifestyle and social engagements
  • Cope better with anger and break negative life-cycles
  • Overcome addictions
  • Calm an overactive mind
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Find clarity and calmness no matter the situation
  • Overcome loss, bereavement and trauma easier
  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself more
  • Reconnect to yourself, your highers-self and others
  • Manifest your dreams into reality

This is just some of the things you will learn in the class. The wellness class will teach you that it is ok, not to be ok. You will learn about the power of truth to yourself and truth others. Opening up and speaking about how we feel is so important. This class will also help you to help others in life.

Mental health, Spiritual health and Emotional health go hand in hand together and it does affect the physical aspect of healthcare. We are unbalanced in one aspect of our lives, it will have a ripple effect on other aspects of our lives

What will you experience in a Wellness Class?

  • Breathing techniques to cope better with stress, anxiety, fear, physical pain and calm an overactive mind
  • Learn to relax with simple mind-focus techniques you can do at home, work, your car
  • How to calm energies within your mind and body
  • How to overcome anxiety and panic attacks with the SOS 5-point system
  • Nutrition to a better, stronger immune system with organic foods, herbs and spices
  • Simple deep relaxing meditation techniques for calmness and clarity of mind
  • Physical movement techniques to relieve pain, stress and frustration within the physical body.

This is a complete wellness and mindfulness class experience for better mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. If you are looking for alternative solutions to help yourself and loved ones. This class is for you.

Where to find a Wellness Class?

Your in luck as I am holding a 4-week class series in Fermoy, Co. Cork starting Monday January 6 at the Fermoy community youth centre. I will also roll the class out around Co. Cork and online early in 2020.

For more details and bookings vist: https://www.mountain-healer.com/wellness-class-fermoy/

Fermoy Community youth centre : https://www.fermoyyouthcentre.ie/


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