Stress and Anxiety Relief Therapy

Anxiety and worry become too much when it will not leave and it is interfering in enjoying your life. Anxiety can prevent you from living your daily life by keeping you worrying about the future. Your mind may be unable to rest and is constantly busy by thinking of everything that can go wrong. It can be a nagging in your mind about tomorrow, next week, next month, or can be experienced as a fear or phobia. It is often experienced in the body through physical symptoms. It can be a headache that always comes back, an upset stomach, feeling tired, overly stressed, or uncomfortable nervous energy.

It may even make you feel like you have to think of all the possible future problems in order to gain control over it. However, the worrying does not provide you with a sense of relief and is robbing you of feeling at peace, relaxed and able to enjoy the things you used to find pleasure in.

You are not alone...

Anxiety is an extremely common problem although it may leave you feeling very alone. Our brains are doing what they are wired to do. They are looking for obstacles and danger in life, however, this can go awry when our mind and body do not realize we are not in real danger. When this happens it shapes our daily thoughts and behaviours, often in a way that reinforces our anxiety. For example, when a parent gives a crying child a candy bar this will alleviate the crying and provide both child and parent with temporary relief. Since this has alleviated stress for both the child and parent, they are both likely to repeat this interaction as the child has learned crying can get candy and the parent has found that candy will alleviate the crying.


Anxiety works off of this same premise. If our behaviours give us the illusion of taking away discomfort we are likely to continue those behaviours and patterns of thinking, even if not conscious to us. If we are nervous about work and call out sick, this teaches our body that calling out sick removes the sense of danger. If we are nervous about socializing with others and cancel our plans, this teaches our body that cancelling plans removes the panic and you are likely to repeat this behaviour. These seemingly small behaviours to avoid discomfort seem insignificant but over time they can snowball into bigger problems that will affect other areas of your life.


If it’s a problem that you can’t control, your mind may feel that you must continue to think about the problem to gain a sense of doing something about it mentally.

Embrace life to the full without any restriction through Stress and Anxiety relief therapy.

This is an all-natural alternative therapy solution that focuses on

    • Mental Healthcare

    • Emotional Healthcare

    • Spiritual Healthcare

    • Physical Healthcare


    For true relief from stress and anxiety-related issues, we have to address the causes of the problem.  Most of the time it is unresolved past traumas and issues related to an unbalanced lifestyle or negative life cycles we have experienced or is currently in. Untreated these issues can lead to savvier mental health issues, unbalanced lifestyle and it can cripple our futures and dreams.

What does Stress and Anxiety Therapy help for

  • Trauma

  • Suppressed anger issues

  • Bereavement/Grief

  • Abuse Recovery

  • Addiction Disorders

  • Substance Abuse Disorders

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Depression


    Therapy/counselling session is between an hour and a half to two hours long. Each session is different as each person is different and no session is ever rushed. To truly find everlasting relief from these negative issues we need to take our time as we process and release the negatives from our lives.

What to Expect during Counselling


  • Consultation

  • Lifestyle evaluation and counselling

  • Alternative therapy session (best suited for your condition and lifestyle)

  • Alternative Lifestyle activity options to best help you to a speedy recovery process

  • Nutritional counselling

  • Alternative natural supplements counselling to aid your recovery and lifestyle without the side effects

  • Mind focus and breathing techniques to help you cope with stress and anxiety.

I offer treatments in Cork City, Fermoy, Mallow, and Killarney at different treatment rooms. I also offer house calls to clients that need that option. I have a mini Therapy session available to existing clients in times of crises which is 30-min long and can be taken over the phone, FaceTime, Skype or Whatsup. Full counselling is €60 and bookings can be made through Healers Valley.

Your Counsellor

I am Sergejs Marmilovs and I  believe in the power of alternative therapies and natural medicine with the focus on wellness for mind, body, soul and emotions. Life has become more rushed and everyone is looking for a quick fix. That’s half the problem people are facing in life. As quick fixes have long term repercussions with sometimes huge negative side effects. I have been there with the questions. How come? Why me? Whats wrong with me? How do fix things?

Over the years I have been where you are. I suffered loss, pain, fear, stress and anxiety and in my darkest hours I found clarity and calmness through alternative healthcare options, alternative lifestyle options. Let me help you achieve the same clarity and calmness. I had to go through all my challenges, trials and inner conflict, so that I can serve you better.

My approach is hands-on and I make use of my skills, experience and understanding in my Stress and anxiety relief therapy sessions. No judgement, just love, guidance, support and understanding.

My stress and anxiety relief therapy sessions are focused on finding the best way of to help you resolve the cause of the problems and find a peaceful way to resolve them. As an Industrial Psychologist, Complementary and Alternative medicine practitioner, I look at you as a person who can relate and have found workable solutions to stress and anxiety and other uncomfortable mental health issues. Let me help you grow in life and as person. My goal is to inspire, motivate and drive you to the finish life your aiming for.  I have had huge success with my approach to Stress and anxiety relief therapy and is happy to help you on your way forward in life.

My Credentials

  • PhD of Industrial Psychology

  • M.S.c Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  • Full Spectrum therapist

  • Stress and anxiety relief therapist

  • Reflexology

  • Relationship and sex therapist

  • Usui Reiki Master Trainer

  • Massage therapist

  • Kundalini Yoga teacher

  • Vinyasa Yoga teacher

  • Yin Yoga teacher

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