Natural ways to overcome hay fever

Natural ways to overcome hay fever

Spring brings with it warm weather, beautiful flowers and balmy evenings. It also brings with it a slew of issues for those who suffer from hayfever and pollen allergies.

Spring allergies can make enjoying this sunny season difficult, as you cannot go outside without feeling congested or uncomfortable.

Thanks to cheap medical aid rates, you can head into a pharmacy and find a medicine that can help. If you deal with the spring sniffles, outlined below are just some of the simple ways to combat spring allergies effectively.


Sip some apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is known for increasing your potassium, which can help with congestion and runny noses. It does this by helping to break up mucus in the body which allows you to breathe easy again. However, do not sip on it without diluting it as it has a strong flavour and acidic bite.

Having a glass of apple cider vinegar diluted with warm water every morning before you go outside on a spring day will help immensely with blocked noses. Be sure to bring this mixture with you to work to sip on if you know you will feel congested throughout the day. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to temper the flavour of the vinegar or honey for a sweeter taste.


Eat some probiotics


You might not think about gut health being related to allergies, but probiotics have been shown to help the immune system of those who suffer from rhinitis and other allergic symptoms. Full cream, plain Greek yoghurt is the best choice for this as the flavourings and sugar in sweetened yoghurt can exacerbate allergies.

If you are more adventurous with your taste buds, then you can look into trying fermented foods that offer probiotics, such as kimchi (fermented spiced cabbage), kefir (fermented milk drink) and miso (fermented soybeans). Start eating these foods at least two weeks before spring starts so that your gut biomes are adapted and your immune system is already boosted. If you have cheap medical aid rates, visit your doctor to ask about any issues you might have with these foods before eating any.


Tweak your home


Simple changes to your home can make a significant difference. If you are at home during the day, you should keep all windows shut to prevent pollen from entering the room you are in, stopping you from sneezing and coughing when you should be relaxing.

Take off your shoes when you enter so you do not bring in any contaminants from the outside and use an air conditioner to cool down your home rather than a fan, which brings in air from the outside. When you clean your home, use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. These filters trap 99.97% of microscopic particles in the air. Do not line-dry your laundry outside, as it will collect pollen and dust which will exacerbate your allergies.


Breathe in eucalyptus oil


Eucalyptus oil is highly effective in helping to treat allergy symptoms. It has an innate ability to treat inflammation and can help with respiratory problems such as asthma, which are made worse by the pollens floating in the springtime air.

To help you breathe easier, rub about three to four drops onto your chest after diluting it with some carrier oil such as rosehip or jojoba. It is important to dilute eucalyptus oil before rubbing it onto your skin as it can be strong and might cause a burning sensation if your skin is sensitive. An effective way to use eucalyptus oil is to breathe it in throughout the day, as this will help to clear your nasal passages and clear any congestion you might feel.


Good old green tea


While it might be too hot to sip on a cup of tea every day, green tea is known to have antioxidants and has a chemical compound in it that can help with blocking allergic responses in the human body.

You do not have to drink your green tea piping hot but can make a delicious iced tea drink to sip on throughout the day. Make enough green tea to fill a glass drinking bottle and leave it to cool overnight in your fridge. For an added antioxidant boost, mix in some blueberries and raspberries and a smidgen of local raw honey. This combination makes for the perfect healthy hot afternoon drink, so whip up a batch for your family to enjoy.


Vaseline rub


It might sound crazy, but it helps. Rubbing Vaseline inside the nostrils at night before bed and in the mornings helps with the allergies. If you are congested you can rub Vic’s at night on the inside of the nose. However, it’s not a romantic fragrance if you know what I mean.


Saltwater spray


This is a classic remedy that works very well. Boil water ad salt to it in a cup and a few drops of Olbas Oil to the saltwater mixture. Stir well and let it cool down. Put the saltwater mix in a nasal spray dispenser and it will help you a lot.

Spray in the nose evenings before bed and during the day when needed.


Fight allergies, naturally


With a large selection of natural remedies, you can go to any health store and find natural remedies for allergies. Of course, if you have a severe reaction, then antihistamine medication is the best option to choose.

But if you simply want to allay the symptoms, then you can look into natural remedies such as taking apple cider vinegar, eating food with probiotics and sipping on green tea. Soon enough, you will find yourself able to go outside and enjoy the balmy spring air without having to worry about bringing a pack of tissues with you.

Written by Sergejs Marmilovs

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