The Holistic Approach to Running a Successful Therapy Business


We know that running a healing practice can be challenging. What with trying to toggle family responsibilities whilst setting up yoga classes and then having to make sure your classes are advertised on Facebook otherwise you rock up at the local community centre and there’s nobody to attend your class. Just typing that sentence made me anxious. Ok. Stop. Breathe. You will be ok…

What are the 5 Steps to Success?

I am sure if you are an alternative healer with a holistic approach you understand exactly what we mean. In fact, I think every business owner, irrespective of the type of modality you practice; if you have to make money by providing healing services to others then you have possibly encountered the same problems we have. Because let’s face it, running your own business is not always easy. And merging the principles of holistic healing with that of running a business successfully can be hard. That is why we thought to bring you these 5 tips to smooth out the everyday pitfalls of running a healing therapy business. We share with you our solutions; obtained from years of experience – so that you can go from just making it to prospering for life!

1. Every Therapists Favourite Saying: Breathe!

Here’s the Pitfall: It can become easy to feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of running your business. Bills pile high, clients cancel at the last minute. It’s normal. Healers are people after all. We all face regular life issues like everyone else.

The Solution: When it becomes a bit much, remember to breathe. Remember why you chose this path in the first place. Bring yourself back to the reasons why your business can be a success and the steps, tasks and procedures you can implement to achieve that which you seek.
Here are a few daily survival tips:

– Practice Gratitude

As a friend of mine said recently, gratitude can very well be the medicine we need to overcome the negative bias of the brain. Perhaps you need to be thankful for that cancelled appointment so you can have some time for a little self-care.

– Set Goals

Daily, weekly and monthly goals help keep us on track to growing a strong and sustainable business. A clear road-map is essential to driving the practical aspects of gaining money in exchange for services rendered. Once these goals are set, focus on achieving them one-by-one.

– Keep a Diary

A physical diary will do, but a digital diary will be even better. There are many tools available to organize your life so that you can keep track of your schedule and focus on the important tasks that matter.

– Manage your Time

Speaking of schedules, why not invest a little planning in the way you spend your time. Routines can be really helpful in managing your time a little better. For example; setting a routine of reading and responding to emails first thing in the morning can help organise your day. Not to mention the stress-reduction benefits of prioritizing important tasks and completing them according to a plan.

– Honour your Finances

Money, just like everything else in life; ebbs and flows with highs and lows. In business we have to make sure that money creates the space for making more money. In other words, use your money wisely and capitalize on the business processes, technologies and tools that support continuous business growth.

2. Trust the Universe

Here’s the Pitfall: You think that running a business is hard and that life would be easier if you had a 9-5 job like everyone else and a salary at the end of the month.

The Solution: Trust. Believe. I recently read a quote by the Croatian footballer Luka Modrik “There are ups and downs, but whatever happens, you have to trust and believe in yourself.” And even though we are not in the same cut-throat business as professional football, I do agree in principle. Trust that you are doing the right thing for the right reason. Sure, you can get a 9-5 job that will leave you financially secure but personally unfulfilled. Eckhart Tolle said “You are the Universe expressing itself for a little while.” If you can trust in the fact that you are a divine human being, walking on this beautiful green earth to help people, then you run a therapy business successfully (especially if you continue and read the business tips below).


3. Is Persistence the Key to Business Success?

Here’s the Pitfall: You worry that you don’t have enough clients and that nobody will ever take your business seriously.

The Solution: A well-known dictionary defines the word persist as “continue in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” We know all too well that running your own business won’t always be a source of happiness or stability. But we believe that alternative healers who show persistence will reap the benefits in the long term.

Here are a few practical business success tips from the business guru’s:

– Do Your Marketing Right

Never underestimate the power of great marketing. In the digital world of today potential clients are more likely to visit your Facebook page to get an idea of your business before they will even think of contacting you. Are you optimised digitally? Is your business easy to find on Google? Does your website say to your clients that you are a trustworthy, honourable and affordable alternative healer? Contact us if you need more assistance with your digital footprint. We can help!

– Celebrate Your Successes

Aha. It will not always a matter living close to the bottom line.  Many other entrepreneurs have turned their lives – and their businesses; into huge international successes by being of service to others. It is a wonderful calling to be an alternative healer. And in our opinion one to be so very proud of. Own it!

– Harness the Power of Great Days

Make happiness an essential ingredient in your practice toolkit. How do you know you’ve had a great day? When you feel good about yourself, your job and leave other people feeling happy, revived and invigorated. Tap into that power every day and you will continue to be successful.

– Work Smarter, not Harder

Well known author and speaker Tony Robbins says “the key to being successful in business lies in knowing your motivation, taking massive action and measuring your results along the way so you can change, adapt and evolve.” During his Business Mastery course Tony tells us that any journey of success is filled with failure. But he says that those who are hungry for success do not need to be deterred by their failures. Instead use it as a launching pad for your success.

– Surround Yourself with the Best Resources

It is true. Having the right tools for the job can go far in achieving your business goals faster and easier. There are many companies, agencies and organisations out there who are dedicated in assisting holistic healers, practitioners of natural medicine and others within the holistic healing community with essential business services like accounting, marketing and more. Find out how we can help to support your business so you can gain more clients easier and accelerate the wellbeing of your professional healing practice.

4. Love is All There is

Here’s the Pitfall: You love what you do, but you fear that it will not be enough to guarantee your financial freedom.

The Solution: The Beatles song springs to mind here. All you need is Love. And the rest will follow. Let us consider this: Often we find ourselves short-sighted by the financial pressures of life and the needs that arises there from. In other words, like persistence, Love is something that needs to be cultivated and nurtured in the long term to bear fruitful results. It has been proven by many well-known professionals like Vishen Lakhiani from the Mindvalley Institute that love and passion for what you do will foster financial wellbeing as well in the long run. All you need is a little faith (Love).

5. Never be Afraid to Learn

Here’s the Pitfall: You don’t have the skills to do all this ‘running a successful business’ stuff.

The Solution: Be Brave. We know that you need to be able to reach outside of your boundaries in order to grow and prosper. Much support and training is available in the form of Youtube videos, counselling and other business services within the healing community. Because ultimately, when you evolve, your business evolves. Be willing to learn new things.

Need More Help?

The Mountain Healer is dedicated to healing others with therapy services in many different forms and modalities. We are devoted to serving other therapists within the healing community.
Please contact us if you feel you need assistance with any aspect of your therapy business. You will leave the Mountain Healer’s treatments rejuvenated, reconnected, empowered, grounded and healed.

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We specialise in training and helping other holistic healers so that you may become a mountain of strength again.

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    We forget sometimes that there is success within simplicity and this blog made me relook at my practice. Brilliant and thanks for the well-written blog.

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