The Change

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The world is changing and whether we like it or not so is our lives. We keep on trying to improve our lifestyle and plan for a better future. We try to find means and ways to help our families secure a better more secure life without the stresses of finances, debt and negative cycles.

We work hard to make tomorrow a better day and provide for our needs as well as the needs of others in our lives.

But for this to happen we need to make changes. The problem most people are facing is. They don’t know what, how and where to make these changes to succeed in life.

Fear, stress, anxiety, and frustrations start taking over our lives, and before we know it. It’s controlling our finances, stability, growth and mental health. We panic and push harder to find solutions to our shortcomings. Spending more time working on ways to improve our lives. The more we push for solutions the more we push opportunities and breakthroughs away.

We start forming a cycle of working harder and spending less time enjoying our family, friends, and the things we enjoy doing. If you have a business it’s harder as you have not just your family to consider. You also have the families of your employees to consider. Everyone is looking to you for guidance, strength, and courage.

You struggle finding new ways to expand your business and grow your market shares. You find it hard to obtain stability and maintain a positive mindset.

Does this sound familiar?
Would you like to change this cycle?
How would you like to break the negative cycles in your life?
Do you want financial freedom and new opportunities come to your life?

Now you can…

“The Change” is a powerful workshop, that will help you in more ways than one. This workshop will help you, your family and your business transform to greatness and success. You will learn and experience what it is to step into your power and remove all restrictions in your life for good.

You will learn the true nature of open communications, the power of self and energy exchange. Experience simple techniques to overcome stress, anxiety and panic attacks that will open your mind to calmness and clarity.

Learn the secret in securing financial growth, stability and attract new opportunities to your life and your business. Work smarter no harder is now a possibility. Your dreams and goals can be achieved through 10 simple steps

What is the next step?

You have to ask yourself these simple questions…
How badly do you want positive change in your life?
Do you really want financial freedom and new opportunities to come to your life?
Do you want to transform your life and remove all these negative cycles forever?
Want your dreams and goals to become a reality within the next 12 months?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to join us at the Change workshop.

What to expect on the day

  • The Mirror of transformation and reconnection to you, your dreams, your goals
  • The power of Connecting to your higher-self and the art of knowing
  • Remove the stress, anxieties and panic attacks for good with movement and breath
  • Your Mind-Palace and how to unlock the power manifestation to your dreams and goals
  • Your Keys to success and growth in today’s market without working harder or spending a fortune


The workshop is held at the City North Hotel and Conference Centre, Dublin, Ireland. We start at 10 am and we will finish the day on a high note at 5 pm. We will have lunch breaks and tea breaks in-between the day’s activities.

For those who want to stay over at the hotel, we have rooms reserved at a special rate for attendees.

The Cost

Standard Tickets:


  • Teas, coffees during breaks
  • Workshop materials
  • Special reserved room rates

Normal Price €147

Early Bird Special of €89

VIP Tickets:


  • Allowed 1 guest to attend the workshop with you for free
  • Tea’s Coffee’s during breaks
  • Warm Lunch with your Hosts
  • Workshop Materials
  • Special reserved room rates
  • Evening cocktails after the event with your hosts

Normal Price €249.

Early Bird Special is €197