Spiritual Counselling


We all get distracted and absorbed by daily routine and get lost in the mayhem of life’s roller coaster. Longing to connect and understand our souls’ mission is what is giving purpose to our lives.  

Dealing with lower frequency, negative energies like pain, fear, anger, disappointments and the like, also drains our natural high vibrational energy levels. Entrapped in a Karmic Cycle of  disasters, you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again. Searching for answers and guidance to resolve this and break free from repetitive destructive cycles without resolve. Sounds familiar?

Spiritual counselling gives you a deeper understanding of your Karmic Cycles, offering healing experience to help clear your energies and connect to the Divine.  

Some of the benefits of Spiritual Counseling:

  • building lasting mindful thinking
  • alienate stress, depression and anxiety
  • sustaining a new life of positivity
  • nurturing peace
  • build trust with society

Total is  for 4 sessions advance payment –  €297

If you or anyone you know are in crisis or a life-threatening situation, don’t use this site.
Use these resources to get immediate help.

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