Who is Mountain Healer?


Nice to meet you! My name is Sergejs Marmilovs, but my friends call me Milo. I started my journey in holistic, alternative and metaphysical healing since a very tender age.

It was only during my corporate career when I experienced personal traumatic events on a deep level, that I adhered to the calling to return to alternative and holistic practices. I resumed completing teachers training in different yoga practices, meditational practices, and metaphysical science training.

What Drives Me?

People. Simple. To help people is my passion, my calling, and my joy.

Experiencing first hand how my own journey, seeking to be healed on a deeper level paid off I knew that I have to share it with other seeking souls.  Mountain Healer’s Mission is to provide you with the best in alternative and complementary therapies. Offering counseling, meditation and yoga classes, holistic events, retreats, and products. Bringing you closer to your optimal health in mind, emotion, body and spirit. Break through your barriers, boundaries and blockages to be the best version of you.

Sharing with you a collection of healing modalities which bring together all the different layers of You.

  • Your physical self requires good nutrition, appropriate exercise, adequate rest
  • Your emotional self needs love, compassion, acceptance of self, forgiveness, security
  • Your mental self needs positive thoughts, mental stimulation
  • Your spiritual self needs inner peace, harmony, balance, creativity and a sense of higher purpose.

For example, chronic pain (physical) can lead to depression (emotional/mental). A simple trigger-thought that you might be in danger could bring about an emotional response of fear and anxiety and consequently raise the heart rate.

Mountain Healer’s Vision is to integrate scientifically, evidence-based, safe and non-invasive alternative and complementary therapies and healing treatments. Designed to naturally release pain and awaken your inner-healing potential and live a fulfilled life. Potential not yet fully understood and embrace by society at large.

We only endorse and source products that are completely natural, 100% organic, vegan friendly and is conflict-free.

Why Trust Me?


I discovered that, among other traumatic events –  yoga, meditation, and natural medicine helped me overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks, physical back pain, and a sleeping disorder.

It was through this discovery that I realised I not only have the ability to help people but combined with generations of metaphysical practices, offer a unique solution to complete healing. I am the 6th generation to follow in the path of natural healing, earth medicine and metaphysical practices in my family.

I also specialise in training and helping other holistic healers. 

I hold qualifications in:

  • BSc. Honors (Industrial Psychology),
  • MSc – Master of Science (Complementary Medicine Therapeutic Personal Care)
  • Reflexologist
  • Massage therapist
  • Usui Reiki Master Trainer
  • Source Energy Master trainer
  • Stress and Anxiety therapy
  • Pain relief therapy
  • Full spectrum therapy
  • Tantric Therapy
  • Relationship and sex counseling
  • Psychic and mediumship counseling
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Tantric yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your needs in person. I am looking forward to connecting with You.

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