Life of a Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Psychic and Medium


Life as a healer, holistic/alternative therapist, Yoga teacher, psychic and medium is not what it seems to the world. Its hard work. Its draining. Its stressful at times and above all it should be a constant blessing.

But is it?

Most new healers, therapist, yoga teachers, psychic and mediums start their journey with such passion and enthusiasm. Some is so over eager to started, they borrow money, take their saving to get started. They have a vision and start working towards the dream of starting their practice or classes.


First it is..

Its designing new logos. Creating that exciting Facebook page to pull in the masses. Its creating websites to sell your services and bring in new clients. Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more all gets painted with your new business.

Business cards, fliers, posters, insurance and signage is your next step. Your passion and energies are high and you’re ready to conquer the world. Now you change your voicemail greeting to reflect your professionalism and passion. Rerecording it over and over until your happy.

Sound familiar?

You get a text or call from someone looking for more information and perhaps a booking. Your excitement is like a raging bush-fire. Out of control. Business is starting slow and you have hope. You have some savings or perhaps some form of income from Social. You will make it. You keep telling yourself that.

Clients and students slowly start coming your way. They come, and they go. Never a steady stream of business. You re-look at things. You change things. You start looking at what others are doing. Your energies are getting lower and lower. Your savings is gone, and you are starting to stress.

But you can’t tell or show anyone this as you are supposed to be a healer, holistic/alternative therapist, yoga teacher, psychic and medium with the divine connection everyone is looking for.

What do you do now?

You panic internally and put on a brave face. Your energies are at an all-time low. Your passion seems like a nightmare and you are starting to lose hope.

You go to Reiki shares events or maybe go see a healer friend you can trust for a treatment. You feel a little better. But if your honest. You don’t. You feel pressured and even judged as your looking to other healers, therapist, yoga teachers and psychic and mediums. You think they are doing great. They give the impression that their practice and classes are flying it.

But are they really? They do the same as you and make it out to be all good and blessings all the way to others. Now the shame and judgment of self starts kicking in. Your Ego is crushing you and your looking at alternative ways of generation money.  Your energies are lower than before, and you have now tried, self-healing, a treatment, meditation and you have smudged everything twice a day with sage and St. Paulo Santo. You pray and pray to the Divine for guidance and a breakthrough…


Nothing ….

You want to pack it all in and crawl under a rock at this stage.

You ask yourself why is this happening?

As you deal with people. You are dealing with energy. Everyone carries energies good and bad. People come to you to move their bad energies and blockages. Most of the time that energies latch itself onto you. Those blockages you tried to move for others becomes your blockages.

As an empath your more sensitive to energies and vibrations. These energies and vibrations effect your personal and your professional life. Good or bad.

Then your dealing with the projections of other people. Friends, family, competitors and sometimes ex-lovers.

Jealousy, anger, resentment, envy is all coming your way. Powerful negative energies are forming blockages and low energies in your life.


What do you do now?

There is the mountain healer. Mountain Healer is the only specialised therapist offering treatments, therapies to therapist, yoga teachers, psychics and mediums in Ireland and UK. You could call him the therapists-therapist.

His work in this field is over the years makes him and his associates the leaders in helping people. Mountain healer is one of those hidden gems. When you meet with Milo the Mountain Healer. You know there is knowledge and power. You know that he cares, and he sees all.

His treatment process is like nothing you have ever experienced before. He doesn’t just put his hands on you and open healing. No-no. He moves your physical body, He expands your mind and reconnects you to your higher self. He makes you feel uplifted and full charged when you leave. He grounds you like never before. He offers Divine spiritual guidance for your business and your personal life.


You will leave his treatment rejuvenated, reconnected, empowered, grounded and healed. It’s a surreal kind of experience and you want more.

He applies his Psychology background, Therapist background, Teachers background, Metaphysical background and above all his Divine teachings background and experience in his therapies.  His treatments are never rushed, and he is always available to help in between his busy schedule.

To book a consultation or treatment with the mountain healer contact us today. Be the change you want to see in the world!

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    I am very pleased you offer therapy for healers. This is very needed. Thank You.

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