How to Beat Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Stress and anxiety is such a paralysing feeling. It cripples people to a point of self-destruction. Most of the time we don’t speak out about it, as we feel ashamed. We think it’s a sign of weakness. We think we should be medicated to overcome this negative aspect of our mental health.

Stress and anxiety becomes part of an ever-growing demanding lifestyle. We get pressured to provide financially. We get pressured to perform on a business level as well as a personal level. We get pressured by social media on expectations on what we should have, should be doing and should be feeling.

Stress is the biggest stumbling block we will face in life. When we surrender to stress our worlds come on done. Stress stop all positives in one’s life like a huge barrier. When stress kicks in we lose the ability for simple logical decisions making. Most of the time we make things worse as we surrender to fight or flight mode.


Are You Suffering from Anxiety and Stress?

When the mental stress levels increase and there is no release. It starts affecting the physical health. The physical health symptoms are associated with back problems, liver and kidneys, headaches, blurred vision and lack of sex drive. Just to name a few.

Anxiety attacks is the worst. It knocks the wind out of you. It comes in waves and normally happens at work, social engagements (or the thought of it). Any situation can trigger a panic attack. Without warning in most cases, it kicks in with full force.


Anxiety and Panic Attack Survival

The body tenses up. Sweat and fear starts pouring out of you like the river Nile. Your vision becomes blurry and your heads are wet with sweat. Your breathing becomes erratic and sometimes non-existent. You become frozen and start shutting down. In some cases, it feels like you’re having a heart attack or stroke. Your mind brings everything that’s bad to the surface.

As I said. Stress and anxiety destroys people’s lives. Most of the time people run to the Doctors for help. Medication helps to some degree however, the side effects is sometimes worse than the symptoms. Support groups and alternative therapies, yoga, meditation can also help in a non-medicated way.

However, most the time the time schedules do not fall in your schedule and the cost becomes draining. What you need is something you can work with anytime and anywhere. You need something that will help you overcome stress and anxiety for good.


We Have a Solution for You!

There is a solution for you offered by Mountain healer. It’s a comprehensive course with exercises you can do anytime and anywhere. You can work though it in your own time. There are audio recordings to guide you into a calmer, more connected level of awareness. There course materials with exercises to help you grow stronger and more focused during times of stress.

During this course you also have access to contact the mountain healer for advice or schedule a treatment or therapy. The course is online, and you have unlimited access to the course materials and pages.

The mountain healer (Milo) applies his Psychology background, Therapist background, Teachers background, Metaphysical background and above all his Divine teachings background and experience in his therapies.

To book a consultation or treatment with him Milo contact us today! Take back your control, take back your happiness for good!

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