Energy Medicine


Our therapies are specific to the individual’s need, uniquely tailored from a vast array of knowledge and experience in various alternative healing modalities. Stress and Anxiety is no stranger.

Reiki is life energy that flows through all things living. It utilises the Ki (energy) to strengthen and help others using a lot of symbolism through hand formation techniques and specific symbols which aid in the channelling of universal energy to heal the body. Before Master teachers can practice healing others trains and passes down their knowledge and expertise of using Reiki techniques to their students.

Using stones and crystals to draw out impurities in the body. These healing stones target various kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual energy problems. Crystal healers align stones or crystals on the body’s chakra points depending on the symptoms reported. They also are used to amplify other healing methods by placing them near the procedures.

Some of the techniques:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki
  • Source Energy Medicine (extremely powerful)
  • Energy healing massage
  • Pranic Healing

Total is  for 4 sessions advance payment –  €297

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