10 Minutes with Milo: What is Full Spectrum Therapy?

Mountain Healer Full Spectrum Therapy

For today’s post I interviewed the Mountain Healer himself – Milo, to get an in-depth understanding of full spectrum therapy and it’s real-world application. I also got the opportunity to get to know this kind and humble man a little bit outside of the office. The setting: Milo’s beautiful garden on a fresh spring day with the sun shining an the birds chirping in the background. Whilst having a lovely cup of redbush tea, the wind-chimes played with the wind, bringing forth music to the words spoken with so much power and grace. Herewith the discussion in full, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did..

Mountain-Healer-Full Spectrum-Light-Garden

1. Describe yourself in one word.

One word? That’s a tough one. Hmm, the word that comes to my mind is fearless.

2. Ok, seriously now. Why are you memorable and unique?

Oh, it sounds like an online dating thing.. hmm. I think I am unique because I believe in thinking outside the box. I believe there is no box. There are no limitations!
When you work with people on a deep personal level, there should be no restrictions. In all kinds of therapies there should be no limits to who you are and what you are trying to get across to people. It is very essential when you are working with clients of all types and backgrounds to understand them without any boundaries. So when somebody is aggressive, there is a reason behind it. It could be a result of their situation or environment etc. So that’s where I think I am dynamic, in the manner that I am always trying to look and analyse and work from a space of being completely open to possibilities.

3. What inspires you?

What inspires me in life is to see people change for the better. Every day I am inspired to see people who’ve lived in darkness reach out to greatness and become pure light. And this is why I started practicing alternative and holistic therapies.

But since the birth of my son, my inspiration focuses around him. I want to create a better world for him by changing people. By giving them the freedom to look at knowledge and training freely so that when they become mindful in everything they do in business and in their personal lives they impact people around them. Which means that by the time my son has grown up, I’ve impacted a few hundred people, and those people have impacted somebody else’s life. For the better.
So change starts small. That is what inspires me – to create a better world for my son.

4. Can you share with us a story of a mentor that had an influence in your life? And what was the most valuable advice that he/she has given you?

I would say that would be my psychology professor at university. He passed on 2 years ago, but he was one of the most open minded, kind souls I’ve ever met. And because I come from a very dramatic childhood, I have been impacted by a lot of things, I got programmed to think and act in a certain way.
He gave me the freedom to explore who I really was, and who I am today. As a mentor, he gave me love, kindness and understanding without ever feeling judged. He inspired me to always be better at what I do.

Regardless of the fact that he was a well-known professor, he was a human being. I admired him the most for his conscientiousness, he  a mindfulness about his whole energy that made him enigmatic and kind. He was the type of guy who would take his coat off and come sit with you on the grass and just chat and have a laugh. He had an ability as a psychologist to read and analyse people. It is a valuable skill I have today because of him. He’s one of my greatest inspiring mentors for many years.

5. Here’s another personal question for you.. What is your favourite food?

Ah, I wouldn’t say it’s a food but a desert. Chocolate cake. The proper chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, fudge dripping from the inside. Death by chocolate, that’s my favourite thing.

Mountain-Healer-Full Spectrum-Milo

6. People are always curious about other people’s hobbies. What is your favourite pastime outside of work?

Hmm, I have a few. Definitely playing with my son. I would say that is at the top of my list. Watching him learn and explore new things, I love watching my son. But that goes hand in hand, I love watching people. People’s behaviors fascinates me.
So my favourite thing (especially when I was living in the city), is to sit at a coffee shop and just look at people. Read body languages. Look at how they live and how they flow. How they connect, and how they engage with each other.

7. So we are talking about full spectrum therapy. In one sentence can you describe what that is?

Full spectrum therapy is, in my words, the alternative healthcare solution that everybody’s been looking for. It’s hard to describe it in just one sentence. Just like the idea of healing body mind and soul is one, so does the concept of full spectrum therapy focus on healing all the parts of the human body (including the emotional bodies and psyche) in unison.

Full spectrum therapy in this sense also refers to the medicines and practices employed by healers like me to enhance peoples lives so that they can live more creatively and fulfilled. One of the therapies I use and can describe as full spectrum therapy is CBD therapy. Also commonly known as CBD oil (and other related products such as balms etc), but we refer to it as full spectrum therapy because it is a very important part of healing the body and mind holistically.

8. How did you become involved with CBD therapy?

It started many many years ago with my grandmother. At the age of 85 she got diagnosed with cancer. And they told her; Go home, make your peace, get your affairs in order, you’re going. And she wouldn’t accept it. She was a very tough Latvian Jewish woman, and she reached out to a shaman in her circle. He came from America to visit her and he brought with him cannabis oil, seeds and balms. And he started treating her with CBD therapy. She died at the age of 103 – not from cancer. She cured herself with CBD therapy and applied it in many different ways. Through extracting the oils and using it in her cooking, baking, and she smoked it too.

I learned something very valuable from my grandmother, I learned the application and real health benefits of CBD oil. And when CBD therapy became popular and started featuring at to the forefront of medicine and healing modalities around the world (about 5 years ago) I started paying real attention to the case studies and research on the subject. I found that many people benefit from the health attributes of this type of therapy.

Mountain-Healer-Full Spectrum-Therapy

9. Why would you recommend CBD therapy to your clients?

I recommend CBD therapy to clients simply for the following reason: traditional medicine is poisoning our bodies. Medicine as we know it today is synthetic. And if you look at all the side-effects; for example you take a tablet for a headache and it affects your kidneys, your liver, a person’s sex drive and even mental capacity. It’s horrendous!
In short, I only recommend organic. Synthetic CBD oil does not work well withing the human body. Think about it for a second; your body is organic. So you need organic to motivate organic. We are not cars that run on synthetic oil (this means fake – synthetic is a replica of the real thing).

10. How has the path to CBD therapy changed your life?

We are promoting alternative, 100% organic, natural healing within the body. So when you come to a CBD therapist you get; in addition to the treatments you require, also someone that will help you with a holistic solution that addresses the body as a whole. The path to CBD therapy has changed my life in such a way that I realised there is a demand for not only effective products and solutions but there is a need for other therapists to learn and prosper with this modality as well.

Since we launched CBD therapy – which is now full spectrum therapy, we’ve also invested a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill in a training programme for alternative therapists who want to practice CBD therapy as well. Our course consists of 3 modules and many people whom have attended our courses have expanded their practices whilst offering therapies and CBD oils and balm of the highest quality. The feedback from our training courses are phenomenal, and if someone wishes to know more they can contact us.

11. What are the possible pitfalls people should be aware of when using CBD oil?

Yes, CBD oil is a miracle therapy, and it works for many people for many different things. But what people forget is that there are things to be considered when taking a CBD oil for health purposes. Firstly a person’s age, weight, blood group, possible mental disorders, lifestyle, diet etc needs to be accounted for. To get the full benefit out of this type of therapy, people need to be aware of how to use the correct dosage suited best to their unique circumstances. A simple example: a woman aged 20-something, that weighs around 50 pounds would require a much lesser dosage than a man of 40 that weighs over a hundred.

Another big pitfall is people’s perception of strength. You can get CBD oil on the internet (and advertised especially abundantly on social media) that boasts max strength. And often they buy the max strength and get no effect. When, actually the strength of a product is not nearly as important as the absorption rate. It is the absorption in the human body that determines its effectiveness. And each person is uniquely different.

12. Do you have a message for other therapists that practice CBD therapy?

Yes. My advice for full spectrum therapists out there, and people wanting to become full spectrum therapists is: Expand your knowledge. Let go of fear. Let go of restrictions. Because the knowledge and support is available for therapists to become great. Full spectrum therapists in Ireland and abroad have the backing of the healers valley group as well as the healers academy and the CBD therapists association to prosper holistically within this industry and grow with integrity and passion. Interested therapists who want to know more can contact us.

13. Any recommended reading you can leave with your audience?

Yes. Please read our Blog and follow us. We have much knowledge and wisdom to share. Visit our website and subscribe so you never miss important information we share on therapies, techniques and events around Ireland.
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