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We offer a variety of effective alternative healing therapies for your improved health and well-being.

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Join our healing workshops, and find out more about classes and retreats in your area.

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The only alternative healthcare solution you need to live a holistic, vibrant lifestyle.

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We are passionate and driven to help people who suffer from addictions, anxiety, depression, pain, and other physical illnesses. Our therapies are specific to the individual’s need, uniquely tailored from a vast array of knowledge and experience in various alternative healing modalities.

Mountain Healer Focus on You

Mountain Healer Focus on You

With the implementation of alternative therapies, yoga, meditation, nutrition, natural medicine, and counselling anyone can live a fulfilled life without boundaries or blockages. Addressing the needs of the whole person. Our make up as humans are comprised of mind, body, and spirit; each element having an impact on the others. Therefore, our approach is holistic as we focus on alternative behavioral healthcare.

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Why People Really Love Mountain Healer

Our objective is to bring all people closer to optimal health in mind, body and soul. Our company was formed with the intent of helping people become a mountain in strength spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

  • Deeply Grateful ~ Karen

    My son and I attend Yoga classes together and they are always so welcoming and kind. The space is calm, music is soothing and the classes are always fun and energetic. Simply wonderful, Thank you Sergejs.

  • Highly Recommended ~ John and Caren

    Meeting Sergejs is without a doubt the best thing we ever did. When he looked at us it became evident that he sees deep into a person’s soul and mind. His deep connection and understanding with his therapy helped us and saved our relationship and sanity.

  • Simply Inspiring ~ Linda

    I signed up for the CBD therapist training and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, thank you. I received so much more than I expected. I am a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, reflexologist and yoga teacher for over 20 years and wow. This is the best training I have ever had.

  • Thank you Sergejs ~ Tara

    Classes are great fun and I felt totally at home. Thank you for attuning me to Kundalini Reiki and taking part in a healing circle. I am an acupuncturist and Reiki master and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Our vision is to provide the best in alternative therapies, yoga classes, meditation classes, counseling, events, retreats, and products.

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